To freeze or not to freeze?

13 Apr

If you’re a new bride, you have probably already talked to your baker about whether or not you are saving the top tier of your cake for your first anniversary. There are plenty of bakeries who will just make you a new top tier for your first anniversary. This wonderful service is usually included in the price of your cake, depending on the bakery. Plenty of couples do this because they don’t want to have to worry about freezing the top tier incorrectly…and when it’s done incorrectly, it can turn a sweet occasion into a sour one indeed!

If you’re like me, and you want to follow this tradition because it would be fun and plenty special, follow these instructions, lovingly given to us by Rossmoor Pastries, located in Signal Hill, CA. Then after, take a look-see at a few of their wonderful wedding cake creations!

– First remove the top from the cake and carefully place it into the box, send it home with a friend to put it right in the freezer, box and all.
– Let it freeze solid, about two days. Then remove from the box.
– Wrap the cake carefully with “SARAN WRAP.” It is important to use only the “SARAN” brand wrap (some wraps do not work as well).
– Wrap one way and then the other, creating several layers of saran wrap. This helps to seal and cushion the cake.
– Put the wrapped cake in a plastic bag and back in the box.
– Store in the freezer until one day prior to serving. Only handle the cake while frozen.
– Remove from the freezer, completely unwrap the cake and let it defrost in the refrigerator. Keep the cake away from aromatic foods, such as onions, etc.

Thank you so much Rossmoor Pastries! If you would like to contact them for your wedding cake or desserts, they are located at 2325 Redondo Ave., Signal Hill, CA, 90755. Phone # (562) 498-CAKE (2253).

With Joy,


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